Case Studies

Finally, pain-free.

“I’ve been in pain for 20 years due to my Fibromyalgia, and now, since my first ANF treatment four weeks ago I haven’t been in pain at all! I was really taken aback by how much it worked from the word go.”


Pain-free after 20 years with Fibromyalgia

We have many more stories just like Susanne’s.

I suffered from horrific period pain to the point where I was vomiting and bed-ridden for a few days. After three months of treatments, my pain is now reduced to about 1-2 hours. Unbelievable!

- Suzieanne Baxter

Former Pain Sufferer

In this video, we experiment with how much we can make Kai move his arm pre and post disc’ing. This shows what can be achieved for professional athletes wanting to get an edge over the competition without the use of drugs, medicines or substances

- Kai

Athlete wanting to get an edge

Hein has lower back pain however when being palpated in the clinic, it was discovered that he was inflamed all through his lymphatics. The lymphatics are the human bodies waste drainage system and when they are silently inflamed, all the bodies systems are impacted. This was the most critical item to focus on with Hein

- Hein

Lower back pain patient

Steve is a builder whom is constantly lifting and dragging things. He only needed to move a few inches before his back would feel pain. After disc’ing, he could almost touch his ankles before the back would start to feel tight

- Steve

Shoulder pain patient

In Kane’s picture, you can see the shoulder muscles visibly relax after ANF treatment.


Neck and shoulder patient

“Claire is an amazing ANF Therapist. If you’ve got pain of any description or simply just feel sluggish, ANF Therapy can help. This completely non-invasive treatment is profound in getting immediate results to say the least. I know from personal experience after having had a very painful eye surgery where my pain was 20/10, and within 5 mins of having patches applied to my face my pain level went to zero and stayed there. Thank you ANF for bringing this technology to Australia.”

- Lorraine Mill

Former Eye Pain Sufferer

“From the moment Claire applied the discs I could feel a change. After 2 days my pain subsided.”

- Jason Lewis

Former Pain Sufferer

“I went to see Claire on Friday, very unsure what to expect. I left feeling very happy, Claire was very easy to talk to, very friendly and had a very happy persona. She helped me to understand what was happening without being confusing. Three days later, so far so good! I went in to see what could be done about my headaches, which I would get consistently every couple of days. So far nothing! Very happy with my experience, thank you Claire!”

- Ashley Kennedy

Former Headache Sufferer

“This really works, and Claire was so nice and informative during the whole process!”

- Patricia Casajus

Former Pain Sufferer

“Kate had extreme shoulder pain and restricted movement. This video shows her “in the clinic” ANF treatment. The entire shoulder treatment took six minutes. Two weeks later, and Kate cannot believe how there is still no pain when she moves her arm”


Former Pain Sufferer

Cindy is an experienced horse rider whom had a recent fall and a damaged hip. The fall happened about a week prior to the visit and Cindy didn’t seek medical attention post fall. After ANF treatment Cindy said the hip pain was much reduced.

- Cindy

Former Pain and Vertigo Sufferer

Stuart had eye surgery two weeks ago and was still VERY sore around the eye area. During this video, you can see the pain being reduced immediately post disc’ing.

- Stuart

Recent eye surgery patient

As you can see in this photo, the left shoulder is raised higher and there is a lot of strain on the neck. With five discs, all of the muscles relax and the shoulder height drops.

Neck and shoulder patient

This is NOT a before and after photo. This gentleman had two hip surgeries at the same time. On one hip, he applied ANF discs, on the other hip, he did not. Can you tell which scar was treated with ANF therapy?

Scar treatment

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in March of 2015 and have successfully managed to come off medication (8.5 months) however recently had a flare up (stress related). I saw Claire who is extremely passionate about ANF and has many years in the health industry being a registered nurse. Claire is easy to talk to, listens and understood my health challenges and explains in simple terms the therapy and process. Both my husband and I visited for a treatment and so far all is good, in particular my pain has reduced and inflammation as well. I’m happy with the experience and outcome, thanks Claire.”

- Helga Dalla

Former Arthritis Pain Sufferer

“Claire is AMAZING and I could feel much less pain right after she put the patches on me. It’s incredible!”

- Carlos Valiente

Former Pain Sufferer

“Claire Dunkley is brilliant at using the patches of Amino Neuro Frequency. As a physio, I am in awe of how amazing these patches are. They don’t just instantly stop pain; they treat the cause and help heal. In my 40 years as a physio I have never encountered such an effective technology. It’s simple, incredibly effective and fast. In short, they are like magic. Truly. Try them. You’ll be convinced and tell everyone about them!”

- Amanda Gore

Qualified Physiotherapist

“Very professional & nurturing – positive results almost immediately.”

- Alexia Miall

Former Pain Sufferer

“Claire is so passionate about ANF it’s infectious. I had a great response to some patches she put on my back to help me stop feeling so tired, dull & foggy in the head. It took a day or two for the shift to take place, but I noticed a remarkable difference.”

- Heather Jones-Kitchen

Former Foggy Head Sufferer

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