What We Treat

We treat anybody from babies to elderly people, from pregnant women to professional athletes, and everyone in between.

Our practitioner Claire, can treat any sort of pain or illness you could think of.

Autoimmune Disease

Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Psoriasis are just a few examples of what we can treat.

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Mental Health Disorders

Suffer from depression, anxiety or stress? No more!

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Physical/Sports Injuries

Got an ankle injury or sore shoulder? Get the root cause treated and fixed today.

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If you’ve got any sort of pain, we will reduce it by at least 50% in your first session.

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Sports Performance

Outperform your competitors, increase energy levels and aerobic fitness.

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Chronic Fatigue

Within 1-6 months, you could have your normal energy levels back. Book in a session today.

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Organ Issues

Organs that don’t work properly can negatively affect your entire system.

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Many illnesses can be treated using ANF Therapy. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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High Performance

Work in a high efficiency environment? ANF Therapy helps mental performance too.

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Ready to Become Pain-Free?

Book in a session with Claire today and start living the pain-free life you've been longing for. You'll be amazed by the treatments we offer. Pay only $80 up-front for an initial session, plus $6/disc, the treatment used during your session.