What we treat

Organ Issues

We treat Organ Issues.

Here at Guide Support Nurture, we use specific ANF discs which are designed to fix organ issues. It’s time to optimise your body!

When your organs are not properly functioning, an enormous amount of pressure is placed on the rest of your system to handle what your organs are not. Our team can fix issues with any organ:



When your heart isn’t functioning correctly, your body struggles to pump blood and oxygen around your system. Fixing this will result in higher energy levels, a quicker healing process for injuries, and many other benefits.



If your liver is sluggish, your body will struggle to detoxify the air you breathe and any chemicals you ingest. This places a lot of stress on the rest of your system and can lead to long term problems.



Poor kidney function means that your blood will not be effectively filtered and waste will not be properly removed from your system. Such an important organ needs to be running at full strength!



Blood glucose regulation is such an important factor for your survival (just ask any diabetic!) and fixing any issues that arise with your pancreas will reduce the risk of developing diabetes among other conditions.


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How does ANF Therapy work?

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